Quarter Four Week of Prayer & Fasting

Quarter Four Week of Prayer & Fasting

Every day from October 4 to October 10

Join us on a Journey of Prayer and Fasting!
In addition to our regular schedule of monthly
prayer and fasting we will be observing a week
of prayer and fasting each quarter:

Quarter One: January 5th—11th
Quarter Two: April 5th—11th
Quarter Three: July 5th—11th
Quarter Four: October 4th—10th

Ways for you to participate in the fast:
A total abstaining from food for one or more days during the week.
One daily meal consisting of: fruits, vegetables, soup and fluids.
Daniel Fast, may consist of multiple daily meals per day of: fruits, vegetables, grains and fluids.
Media Fast: For those with medical conditions that prohibit participation in a food fast. Try giving up the use of TV, computer, social media, secular, music, sports, video games, etc.

We will meet on Thursday evenings at 7 and Saturday
mornings at 10 for prayer, worship and encouragement!