How To Receive the Holy Spirit

The question is often asked: "How can I receive the promise of the baptism in the Holy Spirit?" One thing the believer should do is to seek the Baptizer rather than the Baptism. It is Jesus who baptizes believers in the Holy Spirit. Seekers should focus their attention on Him rather than on an experience.

There are other steps that, if taken, will assist seekers.

  • Understand that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a gift from God. It should be received with gratitude and giving of thanks to the Giver. It cannot be earned or merited. It can only be accepted with an open and willing heart.
  • Be fully persuaded that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is both Biblical and doctrinally correct.
  • Confess any known sins in your life and resolve to live a righteous life with God's help.
  • Begin to worship the Lord with expressions of praise and adoration.
  • Express to the Lord, who is the Baptizer, a desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit for His glory.
  • Yield to any deep "welling up" within your spirit and allow that inner surge to break through in expressions of worship, praise, and adoration in a language unknown to you but meaningful to God