Message 01 – Wait For It!

POWER 01 – Wait for It!

In the Book of Acts, chapter 1, there is this transitional moment that occurs right after Jesus has been resurrected. He appears to His disciples and He demonstrates that He’s alive. This truly changes everything! They can look to the future with a new understanding in light of Jesus’ resurrection. They still have questions about the future BUT NOW… Think about it. For three years, they followed Him with the hope that He would fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah coming into the world. Their understanding and expectations were that the Messiah would come and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, that He would establish the Kingdom rule of Israel on Earth. Naturally, they also expected that as Jesus did this, that they would be elevated to some position and that they would rule with Him on Earth. This really was their hope for His Messianic mission. In short, they wanted Him to fix everything that was broken, the way they wanted it fixed…

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