Message 03 – Restored by It!

POWER 03 – Restored by It!

I know that for some, in the Church at large, there are strong emotions and questions and even fears in relation to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit; especially the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I trust that that is not so for us.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that it’s been easy to prepare messages on the Holy Spirit. I just started talking in favor of what other guys are apologizing for. I make no apology today, the supernatural anointing of God released through individual lives is necessary and the Baptism is God’s design to endue us for Kingdom work, as vested disciples, baring witness to that which we have seen and heard concerning Jesus.
I have learned that sometimes people feel pressured when we talk about the Holy Spirit. I also, learned that that causes some pastor, well many pastors, to avoid the subject. The excuse is that they don’t want to make people feel pressured. You know they may not come back. I know of many large, quote unquote Pentecostal churches, that compromise the teaching of the Baptism so that people won’t be uncomfortable.
For me it is very natural to talk about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. From the time my family came into a personal relationship with Jesus it has been part of our walk. It just always was and is our expectation. Who can look around at the world today and not realize that we need something more? If fact, we need way more!

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