Be Holy as I am Holy 02 – Live Holy

When you accept Jesus as Savior, you also accept His holiness as your own. It is not that you have never sinned, but that those sins are completely erased by the blood of Jesus Christ. In this aspect of holiness, we can say with confidence that we are already holy. That God has purified us, and we can stand before Him without the guilt, fear or shame of sin. That is Recognition of God’s holiness or separation from the common and His extension of it to us.


There is, as well, a sense that God expects us to live out a reflection of the holiness which He has given us. This is a process which begins to take shape in and through our lives when we Recognize God as absolutely perfect or Holy. But it will not be lived out without our purposing it to be so through Preparation, Separation and Concentration. As we walk with Him His holiness to become the mark of our lives!





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