God Drawn, Man Taught, and God Confronted

God Drawn, Man Taught, and God Confronted

November 12, 2017


Israel had done well in the land of Egypt. They had grown in number and in strength. But there came a time when Joseph was remembered no more and the Hebrews became viewed as a threat. Pharaoh’s remedy was to issue a decree that if a Hebrew woman gave birth to a boy he was to be put to death. In defiance of Pharaoh’s command, the mothers would hide their sons. Moses’ mother did this for three months and when he could not be hidden any longer she set him in a basket and placed it in the reeds along the Nile River. The basket was discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter and she felt sorry for the boy. She unknowingly hired Moses’ mother to continue to care for him until he was weaned. Pharaoh’s daughter named the child Moses because she drew him out of the river…

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