It’s Time to Act!

When God calls a man into service, He understands that it is a task that is beyond his own abilities. He knows that the calling will often be meet with a desire to escape it. And with good reason, the call of God will cost everything. It will challenge the heart to say, “Not my will be done but Yours.” It will stir within even a willing heart some fear and apprehension about how it is all going to work. We often times believe it would be some much easier to obey God if He just explained all the details in advance to us. The truth is, if we actually knew all the details in advance there is less probability that we would follow through on the call. However, God does understand the difficulty that we have when faced with a task from Him and he has left in His Word some encouragement for us so that we can find the strength to walk in obedience to what He asks.

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