Live in the Privilege, Promise and Power of Your Birthright

Some people don’t appreciate the value of what they already possess. How about you? How about me? As believers in Jesus, we possess unimaginable, spiritual wealth, but sometimes we squander that wealth for cheap thrills.


Esau traded his birthright for a bowl of stew! As the first-born son in his family, Esau was entitled to special privileges, promises and power; but when he sold his birthright, he gave up those benefits.


Every believer in Jesus has a birthright. Every believer in Jesus has special privileges, because they are considered ‘firstborn’ sons of God. Do not sell your birthright, like Esau did. Don’t sell out on your priesthood. Don’t sell out on the promises of God, and don’t sell out on your power as a believer. Instead, enjoy your inheritance rights as child of God that you are!


Don’t trade away your privileges for momentary pleasures. Don’t exchange something of infinite value for cheap thrills.

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