Message 2 – God is Here and He is Present!

God is Here and He is Present!

For some time, we have been talking about the Promise of the Father, the Gift of the Holy Spirit Baptism, which was promised throughout the ages. Jesus had instructed His followers to wait in Jerusalem until this Promise was fulfilled; for when it was, they would be cloth with power from on high to be witnesses.

The early disciples answered the call and waited in prayer and expectation until the Day of Pentecost had come and the Gift was poured out. On that Day of awe and wonder the fullness of the Promise of the Father was given to man and has been flowing ever since.

The choice of the believers to wait for the words of Jesus to come to pass and answer the call to be witnesses I believe to be a Hineni Moment. A Hineni Moment, what is that you might wonder?

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