Message 3 – I Call You With Calling Today!

I Call You With Calling Today!

In the middle of December, we started talking about Hineni; Here I am, Lord! Send me. Hineni, is a way of expressing a total readiness to give oneself, it is an offer of total availability. It is saying, I am fully present in this moment in time and poised to take on my assignment. It is saying in each step and each moment, “Here am I, send me!” When one is moved to respond in this matter it marks a transitional point in the individual’s life. This is not a casual agreement it is a covenantal pledge.

We likened it to the resolve of countless American men, on the morning of December 8, 1941. Who selflessly stood in lines that stretched for city blocks after the attack on Pearl Harbor. As ordinary citizens became soldiers, they were declaring, “Hineni! Here I am, send me!”

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