Micah 02 – Prophet, Find Your Vision and Your Voice

Micah 02 – Prophet Find Your Vision and Your Voice

We have sensed a weightiness of God’s presence and power working among us. We saw, men and women, throughout the Scripture wo answered that call. We have been told that we are called with calling. We saw that God wants us to be seers, people with supernatural vison and words in a darkened world. As we move towards this calling we need to understand that there is opposition and it will usually come dressed in religion. God wants to break the man formed religious power elite that dominate the scene with another Gospel today. This, another Gospel, is as Paul says, is no Gospel at all.

As we look into the message of Micah again today, it is abundantly clear that not everything that presents itself as, of God, is actually of God. It is a day and a time to rightly divide the Word of God. It is a time to be empowered and led by the Holy Spirit and the giftings which He provides for the Church, especially, discernment. We live in a day when many false prophets and many false Christ are in the land. We need to know the difference and we need to speak as Micah does, we need to speak truth in the midst of falsehoods and evil.

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