Ministering Delieverance Part 4 – The Blessing of Abraham

Galatians 3 confirms for us that:

  1. We are now the children of Abraham by Faith in Christ who is the Seed of Abraham!
  2. We are therefore Legal Partakers and Bonafide Members of the Inheritance of Abraham!
  3. We can claim every Promise God Made to our Father Abraham!


So, I say to you as children of Abraham, grafted into the inheritance of God’s people through Faith in Christ: You are to Experience and Walk in the Blessing of Abraham! We are to understand and be fully convinced that the Power of the Blessing has more Effect than the Power of the Curse and Bondage.



  1. *Please Note that the audio quality for this video sermon has been affected by technical issues beyond our control. We apologize in advanced! You can read the sermon outline by clicking on the “Sermon PDF” button above.

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