Possess the Land 04 – The Land of the Will

The Lord commands you to possess the Land-Within This battle is fought in the battlefield of your soul; your mind, will and emotions. Today we will look at the battle for your Will. Man’s will, is the essence of what he is. Choices are made that determine his daily life and his eternal destiny. The Creator gave man a free will and never moves to force, coerce or control it. The will is what stands between good and evil. It is that part of man, which when joined to God’s will, establishes a union that brings a harmony between creature and Creator and releases the power of God in full salvation. A man can say no to God and God will always respect his choice. But there is no doubt man is better off when he comes to be able to say whole heartedly and honestly the words of Luke 22:42; “… not my will, but your will be done.”


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