Possess the Land 10 – The Land of the Emotions – The Root of Rebellion

Generally, when dealing with the works of the enemy a person will find deep roots. Attached to these roots are many problems that grow and develop. To be effective in bringing deliverance and healing, it is necessary to go beneath the surface issue and find the source, it’s root. When the root is found, one must “lay the ax to it”, when that is done all of the growth associated with it will die. Far too often, we pick off leaves and cut a few branches and never get to the root of our issue.


Rebellion, pride and the occult are three such roots. In this message and the following two you will see the fruit produced by these roots and how to lay the ax to each one. They are poison in the land and must be removed if the land is to be fruitful. You will find that these three roots work very closely together and feed off one another.


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