Praise the Lord, All My Soul

It seems like a very human issue to forget the good things which we experience and hold onto the bad things. Especially those things which others have done to us or have said about us, and we tend to forget what the Lord has done for us. We have a long memory when it comes to out hurts, our sorrows and our burdens, but a very short memory when it comes to recalling just how good the Lord has been to us! David also had this problem!

Sometimes the soul forgets just how good God has been and we continue to be to His children. When it does, it’s time to get before Him to seek His face and to get a reminder of the great things He has done for us. Have you become so caught up in the burdens and problems of life that you have forgotten His benefits in your life? Give it all to him and see that we all need to Bless him with all our soul!


  1. *Please Note that the audio quality for this video sermon has been affected by technical issues beyond our control. We apologize in advanced! You can read the sermon outline by clicking on the “Sermon PDF” button above.

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