The Death of a Conscience_ Part 1

King Herod the king who had John the Baptist beheaded due to one decision had caused confusion by his decision to do so, which he also had suffered the death of his conscience. The death of a conscience is a tragic event because the death of a conscience leads to the death of a soul. This is the point that Herod came to.

There are many people just like Herod in our world today. They get caught up in the preaching or the personality of a man, but they miss the point of the message. They like to hear their favorite preacher preach, but they have no intentions of doing everything the Bible is telling them to do. That is a dangerous way to live life!

When God speaks to your heart, He is extending grace to you that you do not deserve! He is showing you that He cares about you, that He loves you and that He has a better plan for your life. When He points out your errors through the Word of God, He does so because He loves you and wants change for you.

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